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Rovinj Day Tours – Explore Rovinj’s surroundings

The beautiful city of Rovinj is often called the «gem of the Istrian peninsula», but the beautiful scenery is not the only thing the city has to offer. Jump into new adventures with impressive tours from Rovinj and discover exciting and unique attractions of the Istrian peninsula.

The city of Rovinj is in a vibrant and culturally rich region of Istria. It is considered a great starting point if you are in natural attractions, historic and cultural sites, or adventure experiences.

And the best part is that Pastello Studio is located in the city center, so all pick-up points are within walking distance of you. 😊 You may not know this, but we are big fans of traveling and discovering new places, and here are a few recommendations for you.


Check our favorite tours from Rovinj:

1. Explore the islands

There are numerous boat excursions from Rovinj which are ideal options for discovering the beautiful parts of Istria from the open sea. You can choose from a circular ride, pirate cruise, underwater sightseeing, or a night excursion with spotlights.


2. Visit Brijuni National Park – The Untouched Beauty

Brijuni must be on your bucket list when visiting Istra. 14 beautiful islands with ideal Mediterranean microclimate are considered one of the most beautiful and most famous national parks in Croatia, and Europe.

What makes Brijuni unique is the fact that it is almost completely cultivated by man and created as his place of rest and enjoyment. Everything is done in synergy with nature which gives it a particularly harmonious and tame look.

Brijuni has a lot to offer, so you can explore Ancient roman villas, Illyrian palaces, Byzantine forts, and medieval churches. You can take a walk on the path of good vibrations, or go to a safari park and explore exotic animals and plants from all over the world, and finally – the luxurious presidential residence, visited by the most powerful politicians and famous stars of the 20th century.


3. Full-day trip to Venice

Yes! ou can visit beautiful Venice directly from Rovinj.

Canals, gondolas, and the Rialto Bridge. You think you know what to expect from Venice, but it turns out that no photo, however digitally enhanced, can hold a candle to the real city.

Get a taste of Venice in a full-day tour by boat directly from Rovinj. Explore the city’s museums, palaces, and churches, take a gondola ride, or sit back and enjoy Venice energy from a cafe, bar, or restaurant.


4. The Kingdom of Festini

In the very heart of Istria, near the village Festini, close to Zminj, the cave Kingdom of Festini surely stands out by its natural beauties. The name is given by locals because the cave is abundant with cave decorations – a heritage of Mediterranean vegetation that once grew on that terrain.

Enjoy the harmonious sound of drops, wonderful dripstone forms, among which it is easy to recognize ‘the magician’s hat’, ‘Tower of Babylon’ and huge ‘bat wings’ strangely covered with the grapevine that gets its water from the bottom of the cave.


If you’re going to be our guests, we will give you a lot more recommendations based on your unique interests 😊


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