Studio Pastello
Studio Pastello
Sv. Križ 18
52210 Rovinj, Croatia

Planet Rovinj
Turistička agencija / Tourist Agency

Sv. Križ 1
52210 Rovinj, Croatia

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About us


In keeping with Rovinj’s traditional architecture, a layer of beams and planks separates the storeys with no added insulation.


We decorated the apartment’s interior with natural colors in order to inspire a positive atmosphere during your stay.


The apartment is located in the Old Town of Rovinj, within a typical medieval house. To honour the edifice in which the apartment is set, as well as traditional building techniques, only stone, limestone and wood were used in its renovation, while simultaneously avoiding the application of plaster.

What our guests say?

One of the best locations in the city, hosts are extremely polite, and we decided a welcome gift to keep as a souvenir…

Alice Boyd

Beautiful accommodation in the old town district of Rovinj. Perfect interior, excellent location and sense of connectionwith the city and the sea… It’s the best feeling.

Richard Burke


from Venice

from Ljubljana

from Zagreb

from Pula

Jadranka and Mate

Jadranka and Mate Poropat are your hosts. They are fans of traveling and discovering new spaces.

“We like to travel. Whenever we catch time we are going to travel. Generally we use the apartments for accommodation because they give us a feeling of freedom in the disposal of time and space. We have seen and experienced a different experience; beautifully decorated interior, friendly hosts and good emotions to those which filled with waste material furniture and grim power. We have always been delighted with apartments which the hosts entered himself and his emotions, where have been harmonizedcolour, handmadedetails, beautiful blankets, fresh flowers, a few hearty messages on the wall … we always remember these apartments and come back there.

As we had an apartment in the old town of Rovinj we decided to arrange it in our own way and offer it to guests. We want to give our guests a place in which we enjoyed; harmonious, peaceful and with good feelings.”

Vineyards Poropat

This year our vine are gender and healthy, due to dry summer with lots of sunshine. There is no disease, and deep red soil where grows the vines have enough moisture for the development of healthy and juicy grapes. In order to get the quality of the grapes we did the green vintage, we removed the excess grapes and left only the highest quality grapes that will give us 1 to 2 kg yield per vine. We believe that good weather will continue and that the vintage begin in the first week of September.

And how our vineyard is peaceful and safe place shows the visit of female pheasant who came to cool in the moist behind the tomato bush. Addition refreshments it found in tomato red fruits. Addition refreshments it found in tomato red fruits. All of them have been eaten! Yummy tomatoes! Good thing there is a near market for us where we can buy tomatoes!


Rovinj (ita. Rovigno) is a city in Croatia. Located on the west coast of Istria. Together with Porec make the strongest tourist center of Istria and Adriatic sea. Rovinj’s area borders with Bale, Kanfanar, Sv. Lovreč and Vrsar communes.