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Best Romantic Things to Do in Rovinj for Couples

Studio Pastello, as you may already know is located in the center of one of the most romantic towns in the world. Renovated in its original spirit, overlooking the sea, it is considered by our guests one of the best romantic places in Rovinj.
If your planning your stay in Rovinj with your significant other we would strongly suggest the following activities:


Things to do in Rovinj for couples

  • Climb St. Eufemija bell tower . The church of St. Eufemija, Rovinj’s patron saint, sits on the top of the hill overlooking the town. The bell tower is an exact replica of St Mark’s Campanile in Venice. The views from the top are great.
  • Visit St. Andrew island that is located a 15-minute boat ride from Rovinj. It’s a pretty little island with one hotel, and an old castle that belonged to family Hütterot, nice gardens, energy fields and a mausoleum.
  • Visit St. Catherine Island for a nice walk through its old gardens. St. Catherine Island is closer to the town, just a short 5-minute boat ride away. You can spend a day swimming, walking hand-in-hand through its wonderful gardens, and profit from the best views of the old town.
  • Take a sunset boat ride in a batana
    – traditional fishing boat from Rovinj, around the peninsula with only fishing lights on. , a traditional fishing boat from Rovinj.
  • Cycle Golden Cape Forrest park. This is a wonderful park, just 15-minute walk from the old town. It’s popular among joggers, cyclists, and rock-climbers. There are also lots of small coves where you can swim.
  • Explore cobbled streets, alleyways, and art galleries in Rovinj’s old town. Rovinj is a maze of alleys, cobbled streets, and passages. Just get lost there for hours, and enjoy its beauty.
  • ttend one of many summer jazz concerts. Since 2010, the town of Rovinj organizes a series of jazz concerts throughout the season (from May to September). Some take place in the old town, other in the old tobacco factory, or at the Lone hotel.


Still thinking if Rovinj is the perfect destination for couples.


Here is our checklist of why it is…

  • Did you see the photos of this picturesque paradise? If yes, seriously, do you need more convincing?
  • On the night of St. Lawrence, the entire town is candle-lit. Is there anything more romantic than that?
  • Rovinj is popular for, hm, its beaches for adults. Yes, you got it right, naturism is popular in Rovinj.
  • Have a glass of wine at San Tommaso or Piassa Grande wine bar. Istria is a popular wine-growing region. Those two wine bars are a good place to taste local wines, while people watching. San Tommaso wine bar is located at the seafront promenade, while Piassa Grande is located on Veli Trg square in the old town.


Interested in a romantic stay in Rovinj?

Book your romantic stay in our Studio Pastello 😊


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